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Using Highcharts in an Angular-cli project Highcharts is a great tool for visualizing data, and it is getting ever more popular so the chances are at some point you are going to want to use it in an Angular project. Luckily doing so is easy. Here are the steps to get the Your First Chart example running in a new angular-cli … Publishing a npm library from an Angular-cli project Angular-cli is so good it makes working in Angular without it feel painful, but it focuses is on creating apps rather than libraries which can be re-used across projects or published with NPM. This post covers the steps to take a module and do just that. Angular-cli with Material 2 and Universal As of release 1.3 Angular-cli has support for universal. I’ve created a project with Material 2, Universal and an Express server which you can get HERE. Just to re-emphasize all the good stuff is in the repo so get that and have a look through it before following the steps below. Angular: getting the SEO results you want with prerender.io Pre-rendering or server side rendering is essential if you want your Angular site to be indexable by search crawlers. Angular has a server side rendering solution in Angular Universal, however it is still currently a work in progress and as such you might find it easier to use a more stable pre-rendering solution such as …